Wasa Fun Days

Posted June 17, 2014

Last weekend a group of us girls decided to have some fun and celebrate our community by attending Wasa Fun Days.  For those of you who don’t know, Wasa Fun Days is a family fun day, packed full of activities for families., with a focus on the weekend ball tournament.
We decided to camp for the weekend at the Wasa campgrounds.   It was my first time there, and I was not disappointed.   For a charge of $25 per night, we got ourselves a nice, secluded campsite away from the families, and got to work pitching our tents and  hanging some tarps.   Being female campers, we generally go overboard in our packing, and all that was left at home was the kitchen sink!  The campgrounds had well maintained outhouses as well as washroom buildings, and the luxury of a hot shower. 
My partner is an avid camper, and was very disappointed when I let him know that this was a girls weekend, and unfortunately he was ‘not invited’.   But I did remember his rules when it comes to setting up camping.  1 – shelter.   2 – fire.   3 – food.   Therefore, next on the agenda was to start the fire.  Being the over prepared females that we are,  and knowing that we were not going to be in the bush this time to source out wood from our surroundings, we had brought a bucket of firewood from home with us.   Smart thinking – or so we thought.  As it turned out, all the wood that we had brought with us was actually still completely damp on the inside due to some recent rain in town.   To our rescue, the park ranger drove by with a truck full of dry firewood, we purchased some, and although a little behind schedule, we finally had a fire!
With shelter and fire taken care of, we quickly moved onto food.  The food is my favourite part of the camping experience.   Tonight, we had a mix of potatoes, yams and vegetables slow cooked in foil, corn on the cob, and steak.   It was delicious.   It’s something about the slow cooked flames of a campfire that just makes every meal taste special.
With everything checked off, there was nothing left on our list of things to do except relax and enjoy the evening, and prepare ourselves for a funfilled day the following morning, and that’s exactly what we did!
I found myself woken up to a terrible screaming noise.   I called out to my friend in the next tent – what is that???   Neither of us had emerged from our tents yet, but she called back – that sounds like a child on a tricycle to me.   Sure enough, that’s exactly what it was.   At least they were having fun, and did a good job of waking me up pretty quickly!  And so the Wasa Fun Day began.   First thing on the agenda – pancake breakfast.   We drove down to the ball fields, and made our way to the breakfast tent.   For $5 you received 2 pancakes, 2 sausages, scrambled eggs and juice or coffee.   My friend doesn’t eat pork, so they were nice enough to give her an extra pancake in place of these.   We found some seats nearby a ball game that was in progress.   Again, the food was delicious, and combined with the atmosphere, it was a great start to the morning. 
After breakfast, we made our way through the many stalls and garage sales.   We then headed over to the main street, where the parade was just getting started.  We watched the marching bands, horses, and all the other entries into the parade.   And then it was time to take advantage of the lake.
We jumped in the trucks, and headed off to Wasa Lake.   We had brought a 2man canoe, as well as a standup paddle board.   While getting the canoe in and out of the truck proved to be a challenge, it was definitely worth it.   We spent a good 4 hours on the lake, paddling and gossiping, as all girls do.   We stayed out there until the sun started disappearing behind some clouds, and so decided to call it a day.  
We headed back to the campsite, had some dinner, and then walked down to the Wasa Pub for some live entertainment.   Alex Butterman, a Kimberley local, was playing.   We stayed for the first set, until our campfire beckoned us, and again, we headed back to the campsite for an enjoyable evening by the fire.
The next morning we were up pretty quickly, packed up, and heading home by 10am.  My Wasa Fun Days experience was a good one, and I would definitely go back next year.