Hello Summer, we've been expecting you...

Posted May 11, 2014

It feels as though I have been waiting forever for summer to get here.  Get here and stay here I should say.   Mother Nature gave us a bit of a teaser for a while there, the sun was out and the snow was melting – I even pulled out the short shorts to celebrate the arrival of  the glorious season!   But alas, my excitement was very short-lived, as within a week of bliss, winter was rearing its ugly head again and we had a few days full of dumping snow.   I think its now safe to say that winter has crawled back into the sky, and we are in for a full blown, red hot summer of happiness!


People around here are already getting into the spirit – gardens are coming to life, the latest in golfers fashion is being sported around town, and occasionally you’ll see someone jumping in the creek to cool off.   I’m excited!


In this line of work, I am constantly telling people about all the amazing things there is to do in Kimberley – and they come back and tell me what a great time they had.  Although I have lived here for over 2 years now, I still sometimes consider myself a tourist, as I am constantly learning about new things to try and new places to go.   I have given myself a challenge to make this summer the most productive one in Kimberley yet.  


The first thing on my list is golf.  As most of you would be well aware, Kimberley is renowned for its spectacular golf courses, and I had the pleasure of working at one of them over the past few summers.   It’s absolutely breathtaking watching the sunrise over the mountains in the morning, and I got to do this every morning – 5 days a week.   The best thing about working at a golf course is the tan – your constantly outside enjoying the summer, and getting some exercise at the same time.




Unfortunately for me, I was a beacon for golf balls.   Didn’t matter where I stopped, if you hit your golf ball, you were almost guaranteed to hit me.   I wore my stylish helmet every day for this reason.   My colleagues did not stand near me when we were waiting for golfer to pass, because I was considered the danger zone. 


One of the closest calls I experienced was at the end of the day.  I was headed back to the clubhouse after a long days work, and as I drove my gator past hole number 1, I stopped and took cover behind a large tree while the golfers at the tee began their game.  This was a big – HUGE tree, half way down the fairway and far far right.   Nobody would aim the ball there – or so I thought.   I heard the golfer tee off, and then silence.   I had just stepped out from behind the tree thinking I was safe when SMACK!   The ball had hit exactly where I was standing.  The sound was so loud people stopped and stared. 


In complete shock, I jumped in my gator and beelined for the tees, and out of harms way.  To my shock horror, I got closer to the tee, and realized that the person swinging their club was in fact my housemate – and there he was giving me a big old wave and yelling the words – ‘don’t you know, I always hit to the right!’   


The next time I enter a golf course, it will be as a player, and I am already looking forward to it.  I plan on getting a lot of practice in this year.  But one thing is for sure, if anybody yells the words ‘fore’ you will see me stopping, dropping, and probably rolling to the closest cover I can find.