Kimberley Nature Park

Spanning over 1,800 acres the Kimberley Nature Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Canada.  It is located entirely within the city boundaries and provides endless opportunities for recreational activities including hiking, biking, cross country skiing, dog walking, picnics, bird watching, and nature studies.


Throughout the trails you will find several ponds and lakes; including a warming hut which is designed for overnight use.  The park is also home to lots of natural wildlife including black bears and moose.


The park is maintained by the Kimberley Nature Park Society; a registered not-for-profit organisation that maintains the trails, produces trail maps and has installed signage throughout the park.


You can buy a Kimberley Nature Park Trail Map for a minimal fee at the Kimberley Visitor Information Centre.

  • Based on 4 people
  • 3 days of golf, 18 holes each day
  • 3 X $25 credit per person at 3 local pubs (The Sullivan, Pedal & Tap and The Shed)
  • Mountain Spirit Resort premium accommodations
  • Golf at Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Bootleg Gap Golf and Kimberley Golf Club

Based on availability, taxes not included, some restrictions apply.